Golly Gee Whiz!


Golly Gee Whiz! This is how they used to do it!

thomasjasengardner                                   Monday, Jul 15, 2013



Golly Gee Whiz!

thomasjasengardner                                   Monday, Jul 15, 2013


Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Golly Gee Whiz!

Two women on a reality show lost their real life jobs because of their racist diatribes. One girl’s notorious outbursts of gross statements were so often that the public has dubbed her Klan Barbie.  Without apologizing, the station took its marketing cues from racist talk show hosts by encouraging these enormous insults. If it draws an audience, it will draw advertising dollars. If it increases profits, the media will squeeze advertising money from sponsors who condone racist behavior.

Many people in corporate media live in a private buffered world. What they believe in is established from family, friends, neighbors, and the community they live in. Their group psychology believes the whole world feels as racist as they do. The reason for this is simple. Surveys have shown that four out of six white Americans harbor a racist attitude towards black Americans. Such learned perceptions of symbolic racism in television sitcoms, movies, newspapers and social media encourage racism. This collective behavior impedes the true intention of a personal potential for human goodness and self-dignity.

Once upon a time, a Mississippi governor used police to keep his white university basketball players segregated from black teams. His old-fashioned racism or Jim Crow, believed in the racial inferiority of blacks.

Southern broods as well as northern offspring are still persistently weaned on the falsehoods supporting black segregation and discrimination. Today’s redneck politicians and conservative social institutions wield the same public discourse of hatred shared by Strom Thurmond, George Wallace and Bulldog Connors. This new strategic move at states rights to segregate jobs and schools is representative of the old Mississippi’s governors reason for segregation; that a black man will want a white women and then sit in the white’s only restaurant, after using the whites only bathroom.

Another presidential candidate’s party published a newsletter that extolled the veracious virtues of whites and the villainous inviriility of blacks. A state employment director says he can’t force businesses to hire blacks, even if equal opportunity laws enforce the hiring of blacks with private and public companies using taxpayer money.

The power of their personal perception and strategic arguments helps to persuade others to categorize and polarize blacks as worthy of apartheids systematic exclusion.  A white child learns by age 5 that the superiority of his skin color is relevant for getting a job and doing well in school. This character trait is embedded by the socially shared opinions and attitudes of a child’s community. A black child learns the inferiority of their skin between the ages of 5-11. This derogatory belief is transformed into their popular culture as a fated fact. This psychopathology method of dehumanizing black culture prolongs an exhaustive grief in the life of any black child.

It has been determined by researchers that most white children live in an environment that encourages a negative bias against blacks. Despite evidence to the contrary, the new Jim Crow teaches white kids to resent how blacks supposedly lack American puritan values. The enhanced polarization of the new Jim Crow fabricates how blacks lack self-reliance, a work ethic along with a tendency towards, drug use, violence and thievery. These common refrains of suburban myths reflect a national trend of unwarranted black discrimination. By going online, it is easy to observe the stock-funded public discourse of insidious conversation that influences racial hatred.

A Republican Senators’ son was caught online hooting racist invectives about the lack of black integrity. Another police department withholds arrest records that show a pattern of racial harassment.  Politicians are caught making off the cuff remarks about racist stereotypes. Computer game enthusiasts vent racist rants and raves in their world of avatars. Billionaires quote racist jokes about black apartheid. A white southern rock star and a second-generation bluegrass musician take the president to task because of his race.

American’s cardinal sin is believing that opulency is colorblind. A 60 percent increase in racist hate groups is related to the election of a black president. Many blacks believe it is not possible for these people to conceive a meaningful life with blacks. These white people who vent bigotry and hatred refuse to share a human understanding of God’s values. For them, racial insensitivity is an American birthright.

Why else would tens of thousands of American baseball fans fanatically oppose a Hispanic singing the national anthem at a baseball game?  Why else would hundreds of thousands protest a Cheerio’s commercial that features a mixed race couple. Why else would a computer company erase the prominent image of a black CEO in a group photo of company executives?  When political party convention delegates’ yelled racial profanity, threw objects and spat at a black TV camerawomen for being black, the station replaced the black camerawomen with a white cameraperson. They did not want to offend the conservative white audience. It was easier to offend blacks by complying with racist dogma they were inclined to agree with.

A negative group perception is reinforced by the powerful beliefs, attitudes, and ideologies of those who influence social functions. The action and interaction of the decision makers helps to stereotype and legitimize discrimination because of their inaction. Apparently, if it becomes socially problematic to hire black people it becomes easier to maintain white employees in these positions instead of standing firmly in support of job equality. The racist rhetoric of politicians, businesses, educators, judges, media anchors, and law enforcers follows a national trend of manipulative racist conversations on reality shows, Twitter, FaceBook, shock jocks,and social blogs. These subtle and indirect discussions help justify discrimination.  White dialog uniformly blames blacks for causing the resentment, intolerance and xenophobia behavior of ordinary white people.

It is ironic that the people who cause apartheid blame the victim for their white privilege. Deliberate policies that maintain entrenched poverty and non-existent economic opportunities are considered irrelevant to a redneck. The appalling disinterest exhibited by gay groups, women’s collectives, and white liberals is proof that we are alone in this fight against racial oppression.

A couple of southern white dudes use a chain to drag a black man behind their truck, leaving his torn body parts up and down the road. The road gravel disfigured his face so much that his mother could not recognize him. Closer to the Midwest, a few white guys leave their suburban homes in search of a black victim in the city. Finding a lone black man leaving work, they beat him unconscious. Still alive, they ran over him with their car to finish the killing they had left the suburbs to perform.

No matter that that these young men admitted never having met a black or encountered anyone who has actually experienced negative encounters with blacks. It has become the status quo in America to offer overt and blatant derogatory remarks about blacks and physical retaliation against an unfounded threat. These are reliable signals that the underlying prejudices have a clear relationship to employment, housing, and education discrimination. The personal, institutional or organizations mental models of paranoid delusions about race have been manifested over this country’s history. The primary focus of right wing groups on racial languages, customs, norms, and values is to standardize social inferiority and to strengthen the shared racist ideologies of the dominant group.

Television cop shows, news reports in the press, school playgrounds, textbooks, social media, and the office cooler is where Americans learn to reproduce prejudice and racism. The dialog of exclusion is well communicated in these examples. Surveys have shown that when North Americans talk of sharing humanitarian values of tolerance, equality, and hospitality, they consciously deny such empathy to black recipients.  These social, cultural and political ideologies of freedom do not extend to black Americans according to the corporate sponsored billboards displayed in black communities.

Multiple elements contribute to the rising tide of racial discrimination in America.  Still, no one in power wants to assume responsibility for the collaboration of government bureaucrats and corporate executives that impede a response to specific polices, practices, behaviors and attitudes that have been observed and documented as institutional racism. No one in power wants to admit that that racial bias inconspicuously endorses newer forms of institutional racism.

Both individuals and organizations have a sphere of influence that can change these negative attitudes. Television reality shows can be a powerful agent in the fight against discrimination. The limited cognitive resources expressed in media endorse the ignorance of a country’s human resources. They have an opportunity to create positive intergroup environments within diverse groups of people. After 400 years of structured racism, riding the country of bigotry and hatred is easier said then done.


White Media Gag Rules for Black News


Media Gag Rules for Black News                           Tuesday, Jul 9, 2013


“The (racial) bias of each medium of communication is far more distorting than the deliberate lie,” Marshall McLuhan

There’s another revolution in another Middle Eastern country this week. And again, the America press is flabbergasted about another banana republic gagging the corporate press. Government and corporate restricting of mass media access to public events, and denying the public an account of horrific events, sounds more like the media in America. Why are American’s fretting about foreign hypocrisies when restriction to accurate information about black Americans has always been a media mandate. For example, opinionated bureaucrats and corporate interests have decreed newspapers to not publish patterns of police racism, or research housing discrimination, or even publish patterns of employment discrimination.

Tens of thousands of Chinese citizens and government officials did not want an American writer to publish a truth about China. A Chinese-American recently received thousands of hate e-mail because she made public, China’s decretory style of barbarism. Her distractors wanted their government’s brutal history to be swept under the rug.  Their martyr, Chairman’s Mao Tse-tung, led a 27-year reign that killed tens of millions of innocent people.  In addition, hundreds of millions were incarcerated, tortured, raped and mutilated. These sanctioned atrocities are reasons why the author writes about choosing American as her adopted country. It was an evil time for many innocent Chinese, she concurred. Still, Chinese ex-patriots in America did not appreciate her exploiting a blighted but factual moment of Chinese history.

That’s the same attitude of school districts in states like Texas and Mississippi. The blighted moments of sanctioned slavery killed millions of African-Americans.   Much like conservative Chinese communists, ultraconservative American Republicans believe the history of the black holocaust should be hidden until forgotten. While foreign governments and tyrannical leaders neutered mass media, corporate America and special interest politicians have sterilized Americans schoolbooks.

When school districts adopt a sequestered version of historical events and newspapers restrict coverage to corporate interests, it dehumanizes the continuing struggle for racial equality. This collaboration has helped maintain black people as second-class citizens. With taxpayer money, these sacred institutions falsely preach to imply that blacks are incapable of breaking from the bondage of second-class healthcare, second-class education and second-class jobs. The morbid circumstances from Jim Crow segregation are never considered.

These beliefs are similar to America’s original rejection of its Anglo heritage. When tens of millions of European immigrants bearing many shades of Caucasian races landed in America, they left their uniqueness on Ellis Island. The first systematic coordination to restrict or eliminate the immigration of German, Irish, and Italian ancestry was enforced by Calvinist ideology. These foreigners of different religions had 16 different skin tones of whiteness that were segregated by art, music and literature. Newspapers condemned most of the new Anglos and puritan scholars lambasted foreigners as un-American and un-intelligent. Un-American activities included using their native language, enjoying indigenous food, promoting black diversity or claiming their heritage at public institutions.

Despite cultural advances, the conspiracy between ultra-conservatives and school districts continue to deny black and white culture the truth about unorganized opposition to racial equality. Native Americans who were beaten when speaking their native language could have warned foreigners that ethnic censorship was predictable with financiers in control of school districts and newspapers.

Today, a Detroit school district throws out volumes of black history achieves. An investigation reveals that the act had racist intentions meant to disavow future students black history. Should not the media be up in arms about this Nazi disrespect for historical documents. Also, when the state of Texas sanitizes books about the history of blacks, should not the press cite the constitution while mocking this communistic draconian attempt to change facts of American life? Apparently in Tennessee, Native American annihilation and African-American enslavement are the hallucinations of a elitist liberal.

Many public school libraries do not even stock books about black history or place books about blacks in separate and unequal areas of the library. Even public television ignores African-American history.  Wisconsin Public broadcasting schedules documentaries that portray negative stereotypes of black poverty, unwed mothers, incarcerated fathers, etc. It would contradict racist beliefs to air a show about the black that was the first heart surgeon or how environmental racism transforms black neighborhoods. The public state system is not broke to white audiences, so why fix it for a black audience is the standard response from the station manager.

Even, the martinet caretakers of black history present a homogenized image of black struggles.  When Martin Luther King is only remembered for one phase in his fight against racial oppression, we erase his cumulative narration about his anti-war and poor peoples campaign. Because his preceding actions are ignored, the significance of today’s poverty is retrofitted to old stereotypes. By again placing the blame on the victim, historical theories of black poverty are contaminated with fabricated propaganda for mainstream consumption.

Still, newspapers, corporations, state governments, and communist monarchies admit molding the inconvenient truth of nationalist history into their self-righteous image. Most simply market a conciliatory image that befits a prominent social stature. Preserving national identities from historical truth helps to placate the masses with false security. The blamelessness and innocence of their ideologies is not to be questioned by historians or reactionaries. As one teacher discovered, to do so would risk social alienation and/or job termination. Why would governments like China or America pay media tribute to those who were killed or enslaved by their respective autocracies?

The Chinese-American women defended her published accusations of a tyrannical despot with documented research. Still, she should have realized that her distractors were denying government sanctioned murder and incarceration because they benefited from the atrocities. When Malcolm X proved his factual accusations about white devil profiteers, historians pacified his speeches to tone down racist rhetoric that emphasized Malcolm’s reasons to hate procrastinating liberals. His conversations are just as relevant now as then. When we tell untruths in our schoolbooks, we are letting conservative ideologies separate today’s appeasing truth from the realities of historical institutionalized racial oppression. The absolute power to manipulate what education is taught is not just a communist or socialist trait. The penchant for defrauding historical truths has also become an American epidemic in which to restrict human interaction and supportive associations.

Just recently, the government of a Dutch nation publicly apologized for its historic role in transporting slaves. The mass media reported on how government sanctioned maritime slavers of the 15th-19th century earned enormous profits from human bondage. The discovered remains of a Dutch slave ship that was purposely sunk with nearly 700-chained slaves abroad was archival history. The underwater image of bones shackled to rotting wooden planks is not misunderstood. The incapacitated slaves drowning in the ships hole were worth more profit when dead, then alive, according to Holland insurance archival records.

Such hidden truths are still secret in America. It’s still a truth among older blacks that the Mississippi River is a mass graveyard for thousands of missing blacks. Like China’s invisible dead, the tens of millions of blacks whose government-sanctioned murders in Holland, British Empire, America, Portugal, and Belgium are forgotten histories best not remembered in mass media or public schools. Many American ultra conservative activists promptly repudiate the hundreds of thousands of black bodies that suffered from brutal lynching, thrashings, and starvation. These atrocities are steeped in layers of forgotten world history that are presented by high deaths from inferior health care, a racist criminal justice system, and white nepotism employment practices.

Blacks that disappeared during the oxymoronic reign of American democracy are ghosts that will forever haunt this country. But like the Chinese government and their ex-patriots living in America; American schools and newspapers just want to forget Americans continuing saga of medieval torture, dismemberment, and attempts at black extinction.

When will we stop pretending that the Confederacy lost the Civil War?