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Ethnic Cleansing:


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Black men, be afraid. Be very afraid.


Today’s patterns of black profiling are similar to the annulation of 17 million Jews in Europe. Today’s patterns of bigotry and hatred mirror the purification of the Cambodia Khmer Rouge against 2.5 million dead civilians. Todays pattern of cultural persecution is similar to the Bangladeshi war crimes where 3 million people were killed because of how they voted.  

This has also been a painful week of genocide for Americans black citizens. The ongoing saga of African-Americans in the United States draws a direct comparison to the extermination of blacks in Nazi Germany. The sterilization, isolation, incarceration, medical experimentations, brutal torture, segregation and sexual abuse of blacks in Germany follow the same pattern of black genocide in America. This nationalistic trend of black abuse is defined as white ethnocentrism by the United Nations.

The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was adopted by the United Nations in 1948 as a response to the extermination of and Germany’s Final Solution for Gypsies, Jews, and Africans. It took American politicians nearly 44 years to sign the genocide declaration. Why? Because Americans maltreatment of its black citizens was a hypocritical shocking testament of ethnic cleansing as viewed by European nations.

The Civil Rights Congress, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the National Negro Congress separately petitioned the United Nations to act upon the many racist instances of lynching, incarceration and segregation in the United States. After each rejection, the presenters included more government statistics and examples of an established pattern of legal discrimination, and systematic inequalities in the health and quality of life for African-Americans. The petition argued that the US government is both complicit with and responsible for black genocide.

More today then yesterday:

Black men must realize that ethnic cleansing has taken many forms in this country. From the high rate of black infant mortality to the high number of black seniors dying from preventable illnesses. From the high number of incarcerated blacks to the high number of blacks on death row; from the high ratio of blacks who die from treatable tumors to the high number of blacks that die from prostrate, bone, lung and breast cancer; From the high number of blacks who die from misdiagnosed high blood pressure to the high number of blacks who die from preventable strokes and heart disease.    

These acts are examples of what the United Nations considered to be an attempt to purposely deny a race the right to exist by killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life that is calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part. Even today, Americans have become culturally conditioned to marginalize black people as second-class citizens.

It is apparent from these unorganized documented patterns of extermination, that black men are endangered of becoming destroyed. Currently, police racially profile one in four black men. Every 28 hours, a black man is either beaten or shot by a police officer in America. With stand your ground laws in 24 states; the number of blacks who are physically abused or murdered by cowboy civilians is expected to multiply every hour. In these same states, there has been a 360 percent increase in private citizens harassing black males without legal authority. Innocent blacks profiled, mistreated, and abused by civilians in jobs, housing, and healthcare mirrors the indiscriminate assassinations by Hitler’s Nazi brown shirts.

This categorization was giving trigger-happy racists a call to arms. Many gun stores in white communities reported an increase in weapon sales. Many civic gun license departments also saw an increase in concealed weapon permit applications. Because the court deemed that you know longer need a badge to kill a black man, every zealot with a gun could validate his or her provoked killing as an act of self-defense.

Just last week, a white woman jumped on a music stage and physically pummeled an old black blues musician. She later said that the musician’s dedication to Trayvon martin offended her. She was defending herself against a verbal discussion of Trayvon Martin’s human rights.. It’s a good thing she did not have a gun.  The idea of universal suspicion without individual evidence is what black men in America must constantly fight. Yet this example is evidence that a white woman with a purse may no longer clutch her purse from a black man passing her by on the sidewalk. Without any evidence, her learned behavior says that a black man will undoubtedly steal her purse without provocation.  And with this mindset she will use her gun to defend herself against an imaginary threat.

The same applies to that familiar racist sound of a white families car door locking as a black man walking his dog passes by. The same stereotyped suspension will encourage the car driver to perform a racially motivated action because of what he stereotypes as predictable behavior for a car jacking. Instead of the usual click of a car door locking, the victim will hear the sound of a gun’s hammer clicking before the bullet is fired at an unsuspecting pedestrian.

When Emmitt Till and Medgar Evers bodies were mutilated and killed under the ruse of civilian justice, it is the same reason a black man can be killed today. This masochistic cycle is steamrolled by Tea-Party citizens, but is inflamed by new conservative politicians who rebranded racism with the same rude and obnoxious behavior of the old south. In the new South, an innocent Trayvon Martin was killed under the ruse of vigilante justice.

Another judicial court proclaimed the innocence of another killer of black men is allowed to go free. This ongoing judicial consent to murder black men has given legal license for bigots to indiscriminately kill any black man. The court sanctioned murders of black men by police and civilians have triggered a wave of nationalist vigor among American’s white homogenous population. A spiral of escalating racism might be set in motion that will lead to various levels and forms of institutional discrimination against blacks.

The mass media and government aristocrats hide the high-intensity of black-white conflicts in America. The 400-year American fractionalization between whites and blacks has been a significant predictor of current ethnic conflicts. Political scientists assembled a large dataset that concludes American blacks are at risk of being exterminated because of government policies and the complex coalitions of the powerful white elite.

Black repression and intimidation has escalated into a nationalist apparatus forming all modes of bigotry and hate. The political mobilization of right wing organizations has championed the degradation of blacks as a brand of American theology and patriotism. Business lobbyists and high-level politicians oppose any federal support for blacks and reject any level of power sharing with black politicians or black constituents. Corporate powers have considered the election of a black president a reason to marginalize the economic and political power of black citizens into a powerless culture.

The Supreme Court has helped to exploit the unpopularity of blacks in hopes of restoring the ethnocratic regime of states rights to discriminate and segregate. Political elites have mobilized their members and forged corporate alliances based on ethnic similarity. The satisfactory arrangement with different ethnic groups to discriminate is directed by the total exclusion of blacks into an inferior culture of any ethnic group. While the right wing media tried to portray the murderer as a model minority, they forget that black exclusion by other ethnic groups is considered to be an important criterion for citizenship.

These new dynamics highlight a need for a new direction of liberation activism. The social and political opposition to policies designed to narrow and eliminate racial inequalities must be stopped.

The state of race relations in this country is horrendous. It will take more then a conversation about race to discrimination in America.



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Golly Gee Whiz!


Golly Gee Whiz! This is how they used to do it!

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Golly Gee Whiz!

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Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Golly Gee Whiz!

Two women on a reality show lost their real life jobs because of their racist diatribes. One girl’s notorious outbursts of gross statements were so often that the public has dubbed her Klan Barbie.  Without apologizing, the station took its marketing cues from racist talk show hosts by encouraging these enormous insults. If it draws an audience, it will draw advertising dollars. If it increases profits, the media will squeeze advertising money from sponsors who condone racist behavior.

Many people in corporate media live in a private buffered world. What they believe in is established from family, friends, neighbors, and the community they live in. Their group psychology believes the whole world feels as racist as they do. The reason for this is simple. Surveys have shown that four out of six white Americans harbor a racist attitude towards black Americans. Such learned perceptions of symbolic racism in television sitcoms, movies, newspapers and social media encourage racism. This collective behavior impedes the true intention of a personal potential for human goodness and self-dignity.

Once upon a time, a Mississippi governor used police to keep his white university basketball players segregated from black teams. His old-fashioned racism or Jim Crow, believed in the racial inferiority of blacks.

Southern broods as well as northern offspring are still persistently weaned on the falsehoods supporting black segregation and discrimination. Today’s redneck politicians and conservative social institutions wield the same public discourse of hatred shared by Strom Thurmond, George Wallace and Bulldog Connors. This new strategic move at states rights to segregate jobs and schools is representative of the old Mississippi’s governors reason for segregation; that a black man will want a white women and then sit in the white’s only restaurant, after using the whites only bathroom.

Another presidential candidate’s party published a newsletter that extolled the veracious virtues of whites and the villainous inviriility of blacks. A state employment director says he can’t force businesses to hire blacks, even if equal opportunity laws enforce the hiring of blacks with private and public companies using taxpayer money.

The power of their personal perception and strategic arguments helps to persuade others to categorize and polarize blacks as worthy of apartheids systematic exclusion.  A white child learns by age 5 that the superiority of his skin color is relevant for getting a job and doing well in school. This character trait is embedded by the socially shared opinions and attitudes of a child’s community. A black child learns the inferiority of their skin between the ages of 5-11. This derogatory belief is transformed into their popular culture as a fated fact. This psychopathology method of dehumanizing black culture prolongs an exhaustive grief in the life of any black child.

It has been determined by researchers that most white children live in an environment that encourages a negative bias against blacks. Despite evidence to the contrary, the new Jim Crow teaches white kids to resent how blacks supposedly lack American puritan values. The enhanced polarization of the new Jim Crow fabricates how blacks lack self-reliance, a work ethic along with a tendency towards, drug use, violence and thievery. These common refrains of suburban myths reflect a national trend of unwarranted black discrimination. By going online, it is easy to observe the stock-funded public discourse of insidious conversation that influences racial hatred.

A Republican Senators’ son was caught online hooting racist invectives about the lack of black integrity. Another police department withholds arrest records that show a pattern of racial harassment.  Politicians are caught making off the cuff remarks about racist stereotypes. Computer game enthusiasts vent racist rants and raves in their world of avatars. Billionaires quote racist jokes about black apartheid. A white southern rock star and a second-generation bluegrass musician take the president to task because of his race.

American’s cardinal sin is believing that opulency is colorblind. A 60 percent increase in racist hate groups is related to the election of a black president. Many blacks believe it is not possible for these people to conceive a meaningful life with blacks. These white people who vent bigotry and hatred refuse to share a human understanding of God’s values. For them, racial insensitivity is an American birthright.

Why else would tens of thousands of American baseball fans fanatically oppose a Hispanic singing the national anthem at a baseball game?  Why else would hundreds of thousands protest a Cheerio’s commercial that features a mixed race couple. Why else would a computer company erase the prominent image of a black CEO in a group photo of company executives?  When political party convention delegates’ yelled racial profanity, threw objects and spat at a black TV camerawomen for being black, the station replaced the black camerawomen with a white cameraperson. They did not want to offend the conservative white audience. It was easier to offend blacks by complying with racist dogma they were inclined to agree with.

A negative group perception is reinforced by the powerful beliefs, attitudes, and ideologies of those who influence social functions. The action and interaction of the decision makers helps to stereotype and legitimize discrimination because of their inaction. Apparently, if it becomes socially problematic to hire black people it becomes easier to maintain white employees in these positions instead of standing firmly in support of job equality. The racist rhetoric of politicians, businesses, educators, judges, media anchors, and law enforcers follows a national trend of manipulative racist conversations on reality shows, Twitter, FaceBook, shock jocks,and social blogs. These subtle and indirect discussions help justify discrimination.  White dialog uniformly blames blacks for causing the resentment, intolerance and xenophobia behavior of ordinary white people.

It is ironic that the people who cause apartheid blame the victim for their white privilege. Deliberate policies that maintain entrenched poverty and non-existent economic opportunities are considered irrelevant to a redneck. The appalling disinterest exhibited by gay groups, women’s collectives, and white liberals is proof that we are alone in this fight against racial oppression.

A couple of southern white dudes use a chain to drag a black man behind their truck, leaving his torn body parts up and down the road. The road gravel disfigured his face so much that his mother could not recognize him. Closer to the Midwest, a few white guys leave their suburban homes in search of a black victim in the city. Finding a lone black man leaving work, they beat him unconscious. Still alive, they ran over him with their car to finish the killing they had left the suburbs to perform.

No matter that that these young men admitted never having met a black or encountered anyone who has actually experienced negative encounters with blacks. It has become the status quo in America to offer overt and blatant derogatory remarks about blacks and physical retaliation against an unfounded threat. These are reliable signals that the underlying prejudices have a clear relationship to employment, housing, and education discrimination. The personal, institutional or organizations mental models of paranoid delusions about race have been manifested over this country’s history. The primary focus of right wing groups on racial languages, customs, norms, and values is to standardize social inferiority and to strengthen the shared racist ideologies of the dominant group.

Television cop shows, news reports in the press, school playgrounds, textbooks, social media, and the office cooler is where Americans learn to reproduce prejudice and racism. The dialog of exclusion is well communicated in these examples. Surveys have shown that when North Americans talk of sharing humanitarian values of tolerance, equality, and hospitality, they consciously deny such empathy to black recipients.  These social, cultural and political ideologies of freedom do not extend to black Americans according to the corporate sponsored billboards displayed in black communities.

Multiple elements contribute to the rising tide of racial discrimination in America.  Still, no one in power wants to assume responsibility for the collaboration of government bureaucrats and corporate executives that impede a response to specific polices, practices, behaviors and attitudes that have been observed and documented as institutional racism. No one in power wants to admit that that racial bias inconspicuously endorses newer forms of institutional racism.

Both individuals and organizations have a sphere of influence that can change these negative attitudes. Television reality shows can be a powerful agent in the fight against discrimination. The limited cognitive resources expressed in media endorse the ignorance of a country’s human resources. They have an opportunity to create positive intergroup environments within diverse groups of people. After 400 years of structured racism, riding the country of bigotry and hatred is easier said then done.

Dr. Martin Luther King

Thomas Jasen Gardner                                           Monday, Jan 16, 2012


Life Science Communications


“History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure:

Are we looking for another job creation bureaucrat to organize pointless meetings with stale donuts as a sidebar of sugar coated failures? Or are we looking for group leadership skills that changes negative social behavior, by organizing a causality strategy for jobs? Are we looking to replicate the hypocritical hiring and retention policies of traditional human resource departments? Or are we looking to implicate proven innovative methods for human behavior that sustain positive changes from diversified hiring practices?


The conception of a job creation position should not be left to the historical constraints of mainstream hiring policies that use retrograde methods.  Is this job announcement meant to reprehend the ongoing failed policies and responsibilities of the city’s human resources department? This position is crucial in repairing Madison’s historically failed attempts at creating long-term private and public jobs for residents in poor neighborhoods. This Achilles’ heel has made Madison a mockery of civil rights activists and business executives. To resolve this ongoing dilemma, the job activist should present a conceptualized successful plan of providing meaningful employment to Madison’s most vulnerable residents. As a councilperson, you should campaign to nominate me, Thomas Jasen Gardner, to this sensitive and outspoken position.

 I have a strategic job plan, and I know how to use it:

With this temporary position, constituents, businesses, and politicians do not want another placating position to mollify well-meaning but ineffectual characters. Who needs an annual repeat of tenacious paper trails and pointless presentations that do not meet the transparent goals of the urban community the suburban analyst was hired to resolve? People do not want another agency that promises to deliver but falls into the pitfalls of acceptable under achievement.  Every citizen wants a positive social interaction between less crime, full employment, and family values. All the players involved want a collective reflection of self-sufficiency that encompasses pride, honesty and trust. The hard work and resources necessary to sponsor a winning football team, requires proper conditioning, coaching and equipment. Gardner would use a standardized huddle that collaboratively negotiates these social attributes for an exciting play, which wins jobs.  


My job campaign creates interpersonal interaction within an influential linking circle of millionaires, corporations, social groups, government agencies, social clubs, non-government agencies, school districts, police agencies, juvenile courts, unions, business groups, factories, e.g. But most of all, communication with the working poor, skilled artisans, lower-level white collar workers and the withering middle class will help create networks of permanent job offers. These jobs should not be dependent upon the bellwether of politics or the apartheid culture of injustice. These community representatives are the audience of actors that will undergo a transformation of compliance and complacency. Upon comprehension that some barriers are prolonged by their individual actions, they will come to embrace the work presence of non-traditional employees.  


This new position calls to mind a coordinator friend’s mission of having black males attend hunting and fishing events with white volunteers. Urban blacks also enjoyed country and bluegrass music while learning to square dance in a livery stable. White males reciprocated by attending hip-hop and blues concerts, while learning to tap-dance on a sawdust floor at a black barbershop. They unconsciously became a collection of people who interact with each other and share similar characteristics based from a sense of unity. This increased investment in people meeting people helped to develop substantial human resources and personal experiences of knowledge. This in turn influenced positive behavioral changes of personal compassion and social comprehension among strangers. Can Madison handle sincere events of personal interaction or do we depend on the bean counters?


The person in this position must not only be a dynamic public speaker and an aggressive pursuer of utilizing laws, policies, and regulations that interact to accomplish the city council’s goal of creating jobs. These jobs should result in career moves that can be transferred to the area’s long-term job projections. The fiscal projections of green jobs, skilled factory workers, computer technicians, office-workers, cooks, and home-repair jobs are just a few of the available opportunities that a skilled negotiator can secure for low-income residents. Dead-end jobs supplemented by taxpayer dollars are an immoral imperative and an economic parasite. Such totalitarian methods have proven to further diminish the brackish relationship between the isthmus of magi commuters and the residents of poor neighborhoods that surround the capitol building.

“It is incontestable and deplorable that Negroes have committed crimes; but they are derivative crimes. They are born of the greater crimes of the white society.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Anything that affects an effect is a factor of that effect.” Aristotle

Social services are used as a police dragnet to ensnare unsuspecting caste, who are looking for work, looking for health care or looking for shelter. Needy people are then used as shark bait for law officials trolling the lake waters for their promotion points of provoked arrests. From minor convictions to minor infractions, poor people caught up in the net of judicial hierarchy. From the little schoolboy whose suspicious book bag was ransacked by local police, to the old black man who is also racially coded by authorities, apartheid still reigns in Madison. Are these people wrong when they believe American democracy is deeply rigged against their total existence?  Modern day Jim Crow has purposely denied them opportunities to pursue the American dream of quality education, quality employment, quality health care and quality homes. We need a charismatic character to work closely with social service agencies to eliminate actual or rumored events that reek of second-class status. The innocent victims and the candid perpetrators are both searching for truth, justice and the American way.  The rights of the working majority must include a job system that benefits everyone’s right to work in the city of Madison.


While a working boot camp program for perspective employees has shown periods of success, the working programs that also required perspective management and staff to attend psych-social training sessions were completely successful. Prosperous programs experiencing long-term unemployment of high-risk employees were highly imaginative when the job instigator strategically planned collaboration between unique cultures.  


Finding a job through a state agency is half the battle of securing job leads; the other half is getting and keeping that job. Like corporate banks, many CEO’s have found tax supported financial incentives to hire a black person; but entrenched workers and a masochistic management make it impossible for an average black man to get a job.  Many of the hazing, trails, and tribulations for keeping a job are not only unnecessary, but these Jim Crow methods also demoralize and stigmatize the black man’s true character.  False images of lazy blacks, late arrivals, and unqualified personnel can only change when work opportunities allow these cultural character assassinations of “last hired and first fired” to be forever destroyed. Changing behavior requires a job creator who maintains a relationship of trust, compassion and understanding for all parties. With these attributes that can help change behavior, risk communication is welcome from the right job creator.


When you buy a new car you invest in the maintenance necessary to insure it gets you where you want to go for as long as it possibly can. Bureaucrats should maintain a dialog with the client as well as continuing surveillance of employer job training methods, co-worker allegiance, and workers concerns. For instance, some employers give the new employee a job where he is meant to fail because the employer did not teach the client and a lack of experience, equipment or guidance creates a failed endeavor that costs money and time. Whether this breaks any AA/EEO laws is questionable, but when the same pattern of black termination is repeated, bureaucrats should question their methods of identifying employee violated AA/EEO guidelines and employer’s history of hiring training policies.


Aristotle marked two modes of causation: proper (prior) causation and accidental (chance) causation. Whether high black unemployment is unconscious or conscious acts of systematic applications of institutional racism or just plain ignorance is debatable. However, what we do know is there is a pattern of citywide job discrimination in Madison as documented in several studies.

The first question which the priest and the Levite asked was: “If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?” But… the good Samaritan reversed the question: “If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Models of equality:

Government and private work entities from all around the nation have admirably eliminated this caveman pattern of systematic elimination of potential job candidates. Their avenues of interpersonal interagency communication can be presented in a strategic format easily understood by the city council, clients, employers, businesses and the tax-paying public. The function of one variable upon another is supported by linear data from past, current, and future longitudinal studies about Madison. As a job coordinator, I can help translate resolutions for consideration of adoption by the Madison city council. While some are as useful as a chocolate teapot, others have proven to increase the local tax base, reduce crime and strengthen families.


But the same correlational research finds the same discriminating results in cross-sectional studies about sex and age differences in employment retention, inscription, and maintenance. From these stats, there is reason to believe, that not only does a criminal background but a barometer of poor credit and health history can be identified as a barrier to full employment. The city needs to create a position where the job creator can act as liaison between haves and have-nots.


At this point in time, we want a resolution to the long-term phenomena of high black unemployment. Eliminating and even reducing some barriers will increase candidate potential and expand opportunities for meaningful employment. Not every job requires a college degree, but studies show that nepotism and racist assumptions play a substantial role in who gets hired and who does not. Networking for a position in a doctor’s office is harder when your neighbor is not already working in the doctor’s office or your daughter did not attend the same suburban school as the doctor’s children. But with so many public and private agencies working as job counselors, why do so few find work for black people? With so many companies claiming they support affirmative action, why does their staff still resemble vanilla ice cream? Is the literacy test or the poll tax still in place for these job recruiters? People have an inherent desire to obey the law and follow social patterns; the job facilitator must be able to provide information and statistics that support positive behavior change.


The job facilitator must be an advocate for those looking for workers and those who want to work.  We want to change the state of unemployment without manipulating or deviating from the conditional probabilities outlined by regulations and laws. There are countless cities similar to Madison that has recognized the causal substructures of urban unemployment with statistics, graphs, PowerPoint’s, blogs, websites, government reports, non-government organizations, social media, and university dissertations. A community in Michigan and another in California have tweaked employment laws to allow clearer definitions of laws already in place.

“Discrimination is a hellhound that gnaws at Negroes in every waking moment of their lives to remind them that the lie of their inferiority is accepted as truth in the society dominating them.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Demographical epochs of non-compliance:

The stalled mobility of black people towards economic success can be interpreted through a variable profile of quantitative and qualitative research. What is important to note is that the failed cumulative efforts of many local non-governmental organizations and government agencies have not minutely addressed the foundations of fundamental inequality of unemployment.  While church preachers, public agencies, and social progressives parade their weak attempts as a dominion of marginal success, they are usually between a rock and a hard place. It is time for common sense to coordinate their distinctive challenges.  The representative of the paradigm shift should not be a part of the entrenched and failed hierarchy of archetypal drowsing bureaucrats.  The constraints of normal risk communication are so ingrained that internal racist assumptions taunt progressive communication methods when inequality is openly discussed. The job facilitator must be aware of audience segments and how best to communicate with influential members of that audience.


The mainstream approach has nearly produced a permanent underclass. The laboratory principles applied have created pneumatically contoured policies that ignore the moral and social imperative of having 30% unemployment among Madison’s young black men.  It is time to beat the swords of young black men into ploughshares for young Americans. This invisible reality of unemployed blacks who are seen on TV and not heard at the workplace, does not fulfill MLK’s dream or the dream of those who were sacrificed on the wilderness trail of affirmative action and equal employment opportunities.


The decision to incorporate a job coordinator is an historic turning point that can influence the moral and legal code of conduct without conflicting with the basic principals of self-determination.  Gardner can apply reasonable and just communication technologies that highlight the commitment and outline the challenges of predominant beliefs, prejudices and ideologies of public opinion, government officials and private business.


Gardner’s grandfather lied to his son about the advantages of pulling up your bootstraps without any boots; Gardner’s father lied to him about an easy access to the American dream without quality schools; Gardner then lied to his son about pulling out all the stops to achieve his capitalist rights without a green light to go forward; Gardner’s grandson uses the idioms to prove that you can’t corral a grizzly with two willow switches. But through initiatives, programs, and education, we can train that bear to appreciate diversity, by feeding it tasty American honey.


Some say this job’s goal is like pulling a rabbit out of a polished top hat you don’t own. I don’t think this job is preordained to fail unless you overthink your strategy of common sense or destine yourself to wearing the same barbed manacles currently used to incarcerate equality and restrain justice for all Madisonians.


Before you can say Jack Robinson, Gardner’s strategic job plan will be authenticated and enacted with weekly newsletter, progression graphs, and employer reports faithfully distributed to city council, administrators and overseers. Contrary to what you may presume, I am not a proud, stubborn, or insufferable man; I am a black American male who believes the bright sunshine of righteousness will warm even the most cold-hardened heart. I am an American who believes those with less then patriotic intentions have stymied the American dream. Let us work together to create a strong ideology that is not destroyed by such innate indifference. Just remember, there is no such thing as the long-term unemployed or the unemployable, these are just people who are in between jobs. Many may have avoided the massive racial incarceration that is only second to China’s rate of political incarceration. In addition, many blacks may have actually learned at public schools that are worse then those in banana republics. Is this their fault?


For the happiness of all concerned, Thank You for your time. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me. If you would like a power point presentation of my job recruitment strategy please contact me during Black History Month.




Thomas Jasen Gardner