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Mom is Coming! The topic is not if Hillary Clinton becomes America’s first woman POTUS. The question is what she will do that is different then any man before her. You need someone like me who is follows current events and can name most of the world’s women leaders. Once Hillary sits next to the ‘Red Phone’, Bill Clinton will be the robed househusband he always wanted to be. That’s when I can vent my personal challenges and success of being a househusband to a medical doctor. Like, I can still smell the baby poop on my fingers 20 years later.


If Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglas had an AM radio show today, I would be Douglas highlighting the trials and tribulations of being a single mother earning less then a man. Only a man who excelled in a Women’s History course could match witty humor to factual history.


I process an easy camaraderie that I share with everyone. Employers have labeled me freakishly smart and oddly talented.  Because I am spirited and briskly energetic, there will never be dead air. Because on the air or on the street,  no one is marginalized from my conversations. That is because I take the perspective of everyday people. I am a pragmatic progressive who is more then familiar with how the environment affects children, how education needs help, and how a child’s physical and mental health is the greatest challenge for a parent.


My on-air-persona is synonymous with prestige and excellence. My stories of being raised in a matriarchy family resonate with mothers, girlfriends, wives, workingwomen, and professionals. Please consider me for this position. Thanking you in advance for your time.



Like the era of the Holocaust, the lives lost before, during and after President Johnson signing the Civil Rights Bill are unmeasurable. While the night of broken glass lasted one night, the nights and days of racial discrimination, economic inequality, and health disparity have almost always been a part of the american lifestyle.

But unlike the improving lifestyle of others who experienced discrimination, the lifestyle of many blacks is on the verge of genocide. Unorganized but intentional discrimination is not recognized by these groups seeking their own agenda. Like black music, lyrics from civil rights era are only recalled when applying it to their wants and desires. Never mind the people who actually died or were beaten to make the songs, quotes, and lifestyle free.  
when these leaders quote Martin Luther King, they twist his definition to their own unique or warped view of life. Where are they when they are needed to sing the song sung for blacks who are still being killed, jailed or beaten for civil rights?
Like the invisible black sports stars, white America only sees us when we advance their own definition of blackness.

Black Genocide


Ethnic Cleansing:


1360 words                                                                           Monday, Jul 22, 2013                      


Black men, be afraid. Be very afraid.


Today’s patterns of black profiling are similar to the annulation of 17 million Jews in Europe. Today’s patterns of bigotry and hatred mirror the purification of the Cambodia Khmer Rouge against 2.5 million dead civilians. Todays pattern of cultural persecution is similar to the Bangladeshi war crimes where 3 million people were killed because of how they voted.  

This has also been a painful week of genocide for Americans black citizens. The ongoing saga of African-Americans in the United States draws a direct comparison to the extermination of blacks in Nazi Germany. The sterilization, isolation, incarceration, medical experimentations, brutal torture, segregation and sexual abuse of blacks in Germany follow the same pattern of black genocide in America. This nationalistic trend of black abuse is defined as white ethnocentrism by the United Nations.

The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was adopted by the United Nations in 1948 as a response to the extermination of and Germany’s Final Solution for Gypsies, Jews, and Africans. It took American politicians nearly 44 years to sign the genocide declaration. Why? Because Americans maltreatment of its black citizens was a hypocritical shocking testament of ethnic cleansing as viewed by European nations.

The Civil Rights Congress, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the National Negro Congress separately petitioned the United Nations to act upon the many racist instances of lynching, incarceration and segregation in the United States. After each rejection, the presenters included more government statistics and examples of an established pattern of legal discrimination, and systematic inequalities in the health and quality of life for African-Americans. The petition argued that the US government is both complicit with and responsible for black genocide.

More today then yesterday:

Black men must realize that ethnic cleansing has taken many forms in this country. From the high rate of black infant mortality to the high number of black seniors dying from preventable illnesses. From the high number of incarcerated blacks to the high number of blacks on death row; from the high ratio of blacks who die from treatable tumors to the high number of blacks that die from prostrate, bone, lung and breast cancer; From the high number of blacks who die from misdiagnosed high blood pressure to the high number of blacks who die from preventable strokes and heart disease.    

These acts are examples of what the United Nations considered to be an attempt to purposely deny a race the right to exist by killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life that is calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part. Even today, Americans have become culturally conditioned to marginalize black people as second-class citizens.

It is apparent from these unorganized documented patterns of extermination, that black men are endangered of becoming destroyed. Currently, police racially profile one in four black men. Every 28 hours, a black man is either beaten or shot by a police officer in America. With stand your ground laws in 24 states; the number of blacks who are physically abused or murdered by cowboy civilians is expected to multiply every hour. In these same states, there has been a 360 percent increase in private citizens harassing black males without legal authority. Innocent blacks profiled, mistreated, and abused by civilians in jobs, housing, and healthcare mirrors the indiscriminate assassinations by Hitler’s Nazi brown shirts.

This categorization was giving trigger-happy racists a call to arms. Many gun stores in white communities reported an increase in weapon sales. Many civic gun license departments also saw an increase in concealed weapon permit applications. Because the court deemed that you know longer need a badge to kill a black man, every zealot with a gun could validate his or her provoked killing as an act of self-defense.

Just last week, a white woman jumped on a music stage and physically pummeled an old black blues musician. She later said that the musician’s dedication to Trayvon martin offended her. She was defending herself against a verbal discussion of Trayvon Martin’s human rights.. It’s a good thing she did not have a gun.  The idea of universal suspicion without individual evidence is what black men in America must constantly fight. Yet this example is evidence that a white woman with a purse may no longer clutch her purse from a black man passing her by on the sidewalk. Without any evidence, her learned behavior says that a black man will undoubtedly steal her purse without provocation.  And with this mindset she will use her gun to defend herself against an imaginary threat.

The same applies to that familiar racist sound of a white families car door locking as a black man walking his dog passes by. The same stereotyped suspension will encourage the car driver to perform a racially motivated action because of what he stereotypes as predictable behavior for a car jacking. Instead of the usual click of a car door locking, the victim will hear the sound of a gun’s hammer clicking before the bullet is fired at an unsuspecting pedestrian.

When Emmitt Till and Medgar Evers bodies were mutilated and killed under the ruse of civilian justice, it is the same reason a black man can be killed today. This masochistic cycle is steamrolled by Tea-Party citizens, but is inflamed by new conservative politicians who rebranded racism with the same rude and obnoxious behavior of the old south. In the new South, an innocent Trayvon Martin was killed under the ruse of vigilante justice.

Another judicial court proclaimed the innocence of another killer of black men is allowed to go free. This ongoing judicial consent to murder black men has given legal license for bigots to indiscriminately kill any black man. The court sanctioned murders of black men by police and civilians have triggered a wave of nationalist vigor among American’s white homogenous population. A spiral of escalating racism might be set in motion that will lead to various levels and forms of institutional discrimination against blacks.

The mass media and government aristocrats hide the high-intensity of black-white conflicts in America. The 400-year American fractionalization between whites and blacks has been a significant predictor of current ethnic conflicts. Political scientists assembled a large dataset that concludes American blacks are at risk of being exterminated because of government policies and the complex coalitions of the powerful white elite.

Black repression and intimidation has escalated into a nationalist apparatus forming all modes of bigotry and hate. The political mobilization of right wing organizations has championed the degradation of blacks as a brand of American theology and patriotism. Business lobbyists and high-level politicians oppose any federal support for blacks and reject any level of power sharing with black politicians or black constituents. Corporate powers have considered the election of a black president a reason to marginalize the economic and political power of black citizens into a powerless culture.

The Supreme Court has helped to exploit the unpopularity of blacks in hopes of restoring the ethnocratic regime of states rights to discriminate and segregate. Political elites have mobilized their members and forged corporate alliances based on ethnic similarity. The satisfactory arrangement with different ethnic groups to discriminate is directed by the total exclusion of blacks into an inferior culture of any ethnic group. While the right wing media tried to portray the murderer as a model minority, they forget that black exclusion by other ethnic groups is considered to be an important criterion for citizenship.

These new dynamics highlight a need for a new direction of liberation activism. The social and political opposition to policies designed to narrow and eliminate racial inequalities must be stopped.

The state of race relations in this country is horrendous. It will take more then a conversation about race to discrimination in America.



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Golly Gee Whiz!This is how they used to do it!

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Golly Gee Whiz!

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Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Golly Gee Whiz!

Two women on a reality show lost their real life jobs because of their racist diatribes. One girl’s notorious outbursts of gross statements were so often that the public has dubbed her Klan Barbie.  Without apologizing, the station took…

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Voter Suppresion


Voter Suppression                       Thomas Jasen Gardner

Tuesday, Jul 2, 2013

“The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men.” President Lyndon B. Johnson: Washington D.C. 6th August 1965

 Except for the stale smell of last night’s spilled beer and cheap whiskey soaking into the swollen pores of the tavern’s wooden floors, the place had an ill-omen feel to it. I don’t mean that the dead drunks of past eras were haunting the bar; I mean that the happy go lucky patrons who were always part of the neighborhood décor were very solemn. When someone bothered looking up from nursing their drink, they gave me a grave look that made me shiver.

The castration of the Voting Rights Act VRA was a significant loss to the dead and live heroes of the civil rights movement. The haughtiness of the Supreme Court of the United States SCOTUS to sidestep the U.S. constitution leaves little reason for African-Americans to celebrate Independence Day.

As people mumbled under their breath, it gave others the courage to rant and rave about the Supreme Courts unparalleled judicial decision to stab the dead body of Martin Luther King in the back. “Those people should wear white robes with cone hats instead of the black rode of justice,” said Iron Mike.   

The Supreme Court quashed Section 4 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. The section that thousands of blacks had died to instill was now shredded and lying on the courtroom floor. The blood that was spilled to create this law is barely dry. “My father and I had to show we could read and write in order to vote,” muttered Old Joe as he limped to the bathroom mumbling about racial stereotypes. His caretaker grandson finished the statement with audible expletives. “ Now instead of showing my rent receipts and gas bill, I have to show citizenship papers by getting an G—D—photo ID I can’t get.”

Voter discrimination was so pervasive in the Wisconsin, California and New York that even President Lyndon B. Johnson finally saw the blatant examples of overt, sanctioned discrimination in his home state of Texas. The other nine states were southern regions with large racial demographics. They were ordered to get federal permission before making any state changes to impede voting values. “I bet none of them judges been no further south then Baltimore,” said Old Joe while he described examples of how today’s southerner discriminates more often then the admitted racists of the old south. “At least we had work,” joked the grandson. As late as 2006, Congress overwhelmingly approved the Voting Rights Act against 11 states after reviewing 1500 pages of proof that voter discrimination based on race is alive and well in America.  If a state has no violations after 10 years, they need not seek federal authorization for changes in voter registration. Sadly, this has never happened in the 50 years of the law. “The law was vital then and more vital now because of Wisconsin’s plan to stop blacks from voting in the last election,” claimed the long term unemployed grandson. Encouraging voting has always been a vital component to insuring that elections are free, fair, and accessible for all citizens.

But instead of letting the lopsided bipartisan of legislators agree on agreeing without the partisan polarization that typically defines congress; SCOTUS undercut the voter’s decision that was represented by Congressional extension of the VRA till 2031. This was the conservative courts barefaced disrespect of congressional authority and power. How Congress could tolerate SCOTUS disrespect for the constitution and SCOTUS’ disregard for the power of Congressional lawmakers is traitorous. Least they forget, this is practically the same court that abducted the presidential election from Vice-president Al Gore.

SCOTUS said that the Voting Rights Act was unconstitutional and intruded upon state sovereignty. This is the same court who agreed that the 1965 Civil Rights Act wrongfully hurt businesses and unions that purposely discriminated against blacks. State’s rights was the same line Reagan used to support a southern states opposition to Affirmative Action, that’s the same line Wallace used to support state opposition to equal opportunities in education. The Supreme Court justices advocated for racial segregation by claiming that black entitlement to vote was unconstitutional. When did a social responsibility become a privilege because you are black?


“Where was the Supreme Court when white entitlement allowed whites to bash my head in,” said Iron Mike. “Or where was the Supreme Court when the police used racist dogs to attack black women and kids,” chimed in Old Joe. These civil rights war veterans talked excitingly about too little too late when describing aggressive physical attacks and verbal intimidation against citizens who tried to vote. Including the illegal but state sanctioned scams used to keep blacks from the voting booth in the 19th and 20th century.  

Today’s scams to block voters today are just as Jim Crow as yesteryears. The sacred right to vote is once more under attack by right wing extremists and conglomerate ideology. The traditional redneck states have already begun to embrace racialized voter restrictions. The so-called “tremendous progress” of black citizens is in contradiction to the ongoing and increasing health crisis, inferior education, and underemployed jobs that blacks have had to contend with since the foundation of freedom for this country. The dynasty of American racism is alive and well in the Supreme Court.

Why else would the court ignore the moral travesty of voter identification laws upon the old, disabled, and indigent? Why else would they ignore the conspiracy between and within states to suppress minority voters? It became a national strategic plan of racial oppression when different states statically chose to outlaw same day voter registration, shorten voting day hours, eliminate Sunday voting and create racist gerrymandering voter districts.  The Supreme Court has condoned voter disenfranchisement in a country that is supposed to be a world model of democracy. The courts sinister connections to an aging and shrinking base of old style Confederates is meant to prevent thousands upon thousands of African, Asian and Hispanic Americans from being an electoral advantage to Democrats. Blacks can only chose between the less evil of two political parties. Extermination or extinction is not a paradigm shift in institutional racism.

 The legacy of the civil rights movement helped President Obama win two presidential terms. The impediments to money and power did not stop the fortitude and perseverance of black voters. The Fifteenth Amendment took hatred, bigotry and prejudice and replaced them with symbolic pride. But the 11 states most affected by Section 4 of the VRA, propagate institutionalized racism in subtle diverse ways that even dysfunctional Justice Clarence Thomas would condone.  “That would require the only black Judge to see the evil, hear the evil and speak against the evil of racism,” shouted the pool shark from the back room while listening between stilted bets. 

 “The day that a redneck state like Alabama would let me vote, let me work and raise a family, will not happen in my lifetime or my son’s lifetime,” said Iron Mike.  He is finally selling his deceased fathers Mobile homestead to white sharecroppers after losing the courage to move back home. “The fear is still in the air,” he added.

 The day that a bipartisan Congress recognizes fear as a threat to democracy will be a cold day in hell. For Republican senators and conservative ideologists to adopt African-Americans as American citizens will take another immigration bill.





White Media Gag Rules for Black News


Media Gag Rules for Black News                           Tuesday, Jul 9, 2013


“The (racial) bias of each medium of communication is far more distorting than the deliberate lie,” Marshall McLuhan

There’s another revolution in another Middle Eastern country this week. And again, the America press is flabbergasted about another banana republic gagging the corporate press. Government and corporate restricting of mass media access to public events, and denying the public an account of horrific events, sounds more like the media in America. Why are American’s fretting about foreign hypocrisies when restriction to accurate information about black Americans has always been a media mandate. For example, opinionated bureaucrats and corporate interests have decreed newspapers to not publish patterns of police racism, or research housing discrimination, or even publish patterns of employment discrimination.

Tens of thousands of Chinese citizens and government officials did not want an American writer to publish a truth about China. A Chinese-American recently received thousands of hate e-mail because she made public, China’s decretory style of barbarism. Her distractors wanted their government’s brutal history to be swept under the rug.  Their martyr, Chairman’s Mao Tse-tung, led a 27-year reign that killed tens of millions of innocent people.  In addition, hundreds of millions were incarcerated, tortured, raped and mutilated. These sanctioned atrocities are reasons why the author writes about choosing American as her adopted country. It was an evil time for many innocent Chinese, she concurred. Still, Chinese ex-patriots in America did not appreciate her exploiting a blighted but factual moment of Chinese history.

That’s the same attitude of school districts in states like Texas and Mississippi. The blighted moments of sanctioned slavery killed millions of African-Americans.   Much like conservative Chinese communists, ultraconservative American Republicans believe the history of the black holocaust should be hidden until forgotten. While foreign governments and tyrannical leaders neutered mass media, corporate America and special interest politicians have sterilized Americans schoolbooks.

When school districts adopt a sequestered version of historical events and newspapers restrict coverage to corporate interests, it dehumanizes the continuing struggle for racial equality. This collaboration has helped maintain black people as second-class citizens. With taxpayer money, these sacred institutions falsely preach to imply that blacks are incapable of breaking from the bondage of second-class healthcare, second-class education and second-class jobs. The morbid circumstances from Jim Crow segregation are never considered.

These beliefs are similar to America’s original rejection of its Anglo heritage. When tens of millions of European immigrants bearing many shades of Caucasian races landed in America, they left their uniqueness on Ellis Island. The first systematic coordination to restrict or eliminate the immigration of German, Irish, and Italian ancestry was enforced by Calvinist ideology. These foreigners of different religions had 16 different skin tones of whiteness that were segregated by art, music and literature. Newspapers condemned most of the new Anglos and puritan scholars lambasted foreigners as un-American and un-intelligent. Un-American activities included using their native language, enjoying indigenous food, promoting black diversity or claiming their heritage at public institutions.

Despite cultural advances, the conspiracy between ultra-conservatives and school districts continue to deny black and white culture the truth about unorganized opposition to racial equality. Native Americans who were beaten when speaking their native language could have warned foreigners that ethnic censorship was predictable with financiers in control of school districts and newspapers.

Today, a Detroit school district throws out volumes of black history achieves. An investigation reveals that the act had racist intentions meant to disavow future students black history. Should not the media be up in arms about this Nazi disrespect for historical documents. Also, when the state of Texas sanitizes books about the history of blacks, should not the press cite the constitution while mocking this communistic draconian attempt to change facts of American life? Apparently in Tennessee, Native American annihilation and African-American enslavement are the hallucinations of a elitist liberal.

Many public school libraries do not even stock books about black history or place books about blacks in separate and unequal areas of the library. Even public television ignores African-American history.  Wisconsin Public broadcasting schedules documentaries that portray negative stereotypes of black poverty, unwed mothers, incarcerated fathers, etc. It would contradict racist beliefs to air a show about the black that was the first heart surgeon or how environmental racism transforms black neighborhoods. The public state system is not broke to white audiences, so why fix it for a black audience is the standard response from the station manager.

Even, the martinet caretakers of black history present a homogenized image of black struggles.  When Martin Luther King is only remembered for one phase in his fight against racial oppression, we erase his cumulative narration about his anti-war and poor peoples campaign. Because his preceding actions are ignored, the significance of today’s poverty is retrofitted to old stereotypes. By again placing the blame on the victim, historical theories of black poverty are contaminated with fabricated propaganda for mainstream consumption.

Still, newspapers, corporations, state governments, and communist monarchies admit molding the inconvenient truth of nationalist history into their self-righteous image. Most simply market a conciliatory image that befits a prominent social stature. Preserving national identities from historical truth helps to placate the masses with false security. The blamelessness and innocence of their ideologies is not to be questioned by historians or reactionaries. As one teacher discovered, to do so would risk social alienation and/or job termination. Why would governments like China or America pay media tribute to those who were killed or enslaved by their respective autocracies?

The Chinese-American women defended her published accusations of a tyrannical despot with documented research. Still, she should have realized that her distractors were denying government sanctioned murder and incarceration because they benefited from the atrocities. When Malcolm X proved his factual accusations about white devil profiteers, historians pacified his speeches to tone down racist rhetoric that emphasized Malcolm’s reasons to hate procrastinating liberals. His conversations are just as relevant now as then. When we tell untruths in our schoolbooks, we are letting conservative ideologies separate today’s appeasing truth from the realities of historical institutionalized racial oppression. The absolute power to manipulate what education is taught is not just a communist or socialist trait. The penchant for defrauding historical truths has also become an American epidemic in which to restrict human interaction and supportive associations.

Just recently, the government of a Dutch nation publicly apologized for its historic role in transporting slaves. The mass media reported on how government sanctioned maritime slavers of the 15th-19th century earned enormous profits from human bondage. The discovered remains of a Dutch slave ship that was purposely sunk with nearly 700-chained slaves abroad was archival history. The underwater image of bones shackled to rotting wooden planks is not misunderstood. The incapacitated slaves drowning in the ships hole were worth more profit when dead, then alive, according to Holland insurance archival records.

Such hidden truths are still secret in America. It’s still a truth among older blacks that the Mississippi River is a mass graveyard for thousands of missing blacks. Like China’s invisible dead, the tens of millions of blacks whose government-sanctioned murders in Holland, British Empire, America, Portugal, and Belgium are forgotten histories best not remembered in mass media or public schools. Many American ultra conservative activists promptly repudiate the hundreds of thousands of black bodies that suffered from brutal lynching, thrashings, and starvation. These atrocities are steeped in layers of forgotten world history that are presented by high deaths from inferior health care, a racist criminal justice system, and white nepotism employment practices.

Blacks that disappeared during the oxymoronic reign of American democracy are ghosts that will forever haunt this country. But like the Chinese government and their ex-patriots living in America; American schools and newspapers just want to forget Americans continuing saga of medieval torture, dismemberment, and attempts at black extinction.

When will we stop pretending that the Confederacy lost the Civil War?