Mom Is Coming

Dear Recruitment Coordinator,


Mom is Coming! The topic is not if Hillary Clinton becomes America’s first woman POTUS. The question is what she will do that is different then any man before her. You need someone like me who is follows current events and can name most of the world’s women leaders. Once Hillary sits next to the ‘Red Phone’, Bill Clinton will be the robed househusband he always wanted to be. That’s when I can vent my personal challenges and success of being a househusband to a medical doctor. Like, I can still smell the baby poop on my fingers 20 years later.


If Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglas had an AM radio show today, I would be Douglas highlighting the trials and tribulations of being a single mother earning less then a man. Only a man who excelled in a Women’s History course could match witty humor to factual history.


I process an easy camaraderie that I share with everyone. Employers have labeled me freakishly smart and oddly talented.  Because I am spirited and briskly energetic, there will never be dead air. Because on the air or on the street,  no one is marginalized from my conversations. That is because I take the perspective of everyday people. I am a pragmatic progressive who is more then familiar with how the environment affects children, how education needs help, and how a child’s physical and mental health is the greatest challenge for a parent.


My on-air-persona is synonymous with prestige and excellence. My stories of being raised in a matriarchy family resonate with mothers, girlfriends, wives, workingwomen, and professionals. Please consider me for this position. Thanking you in advance for your time.



Like the era of the Holocaust, the lives lost before, during and after President Johnson signing the Civil Rights Bill are unmeasurable. While the night of broken glass lasted one night, the nights and days of racial discrimination, economic inequality, and health disparity have almost always been a part of the american lifestyle.

But unlike the improving lifestyle of others who experienced discrimination, the lifestyle of many blacks is on the verge of genocide. Unorganized but intentional discrimination is not recognized by these groups seeking their own agenda. Like black music, lyrics from civil rights era are only recalled when applying it to their wants and desires. Never mind the people who actually died or were beaten to make the songs, quotes, and lifestyle free.  
when these leaders quote Martin Luther King, they twist his definition to their own unique or warped view of life. Where are they when they are needed to sing the song sung for blacks who are still being killed, jailed or beaten for civil rights?
Like the invisible black sports stars, white America only sees us when we advance their own definition of blackness.