Image                                 Friday, Jun 21, 2013

Thomas Jasen Gardner

Newspapers seem to fall over each other trying to print articles that highlight events where LGBT employees experience on the job discrimination because of their sexual orientation. The New York Times reports that many LGBT employees admit keeping their sexual orientation a secret from their boss and co-workers. After listening in on workplace conversations that berate and degrade gays, many LGBT employees rightfully fear reprisals if they publicly defend the civil rights of gay employees, according to an article in USA Today. Such a conversation would be admitting how dissimilar their values are from straight workers. The Atlanta Journal mentioned that such a declaration of non-conventional sexual orientation could result in termination, reduced work hours or a purposeful workplace injury.

Is this news saturation because newspaper employees have more exposure to gays who are friends or relatives? Does reporting homosexual discrimination give newspapers a free pass to discriminate against a black culture they do not know? A black man has no need to come out of the closet to reveal his racial composition. His skin color automatically sequesters health, job, judicial and education discrimination among reporters and editors at major newspapers. A black man who changes his foreign surname and talks reverently for football and against taxes will still not get him into heaven according to a gay Mormon. Unlike other racial descriptions, the pronoun black precedes any discussion or description about him to his boss and coworkers. Unlike a white guy secretly shedding his gay pronouns before work, a black guy cannot secretly shed his skin to protect himself from on-the-job verbal assaults and psychological abuse.

The public secret is how his passive presence provokes hostility, condemnation, and rejection among many Americans on and off the job. Studies show that white LGBT co-workers are even less respectful of black men then a Tea-Party redneck. It is a mistake to believe that housing and employment discrimination is just the domain of loony white men and smooth talking ex-models.

Black men have always been a purposely-targeted group that is systematically discriminated against by most social levels of American society. In fact, online discussions prove that many white LGBT members eagerly jump on the racist bandwagon.  When an online gay conversation or in a gay bar echoes a hodgepodge of cultural derogatory remarks, the fabricated facts become shared fashionable truths to post online. When a gay victim of queer discrimination becomes the perpetrator of insults that denigrate a black man, the hypocrisy is just another open secret about racism. 

Surveys show that racist rednecks embrace the racist in the gay man before they embrace the Christian in the black man.  Long after Jim Crow was made illegal, there are still gay bars that would put up anti-Black signs that said things such as, “No Blacks Allowed”. While white gay men typically reject the presence of straight black men, the same gays reject black gays. Black gay men are frequently greeted with subjugation in bars, clubs, and other gay social gatherings. Such unscrupulous bonding of white superiority in a gay lifestyle would make any KKK recruiter jealous.

Social media sites like Face Book allow racist rants in the comment sections of LGBT discussion groups. Such statements purposely discriminate against blacks but the white executives of Face Book proclaim that racism is unaltered free speech. Then again, you can follow the explosive exploits of a gay war game developer whose doom-type environment is filled with racist expletives and black character stereotypes. I think it’s been pretty well established that gay web sites, gamers and social media sites can’t really deal with black people as independent human beings.

Just recently, under pressure from women advocacy groups, Face Book will no longer allow the social degradation of women on its site. When asked about outlawing the increasing trend of outrageous racist posts, Face Book executives questioned the pleas of civility that denounce black racist dialog.  If there was ever a reason for corporal punishment, sanctioning blatant black racism is grounds for criminal charges.

Business Week reports that if given an administrative choice, for various unsubstantiated reasons, white gay employers would not hire blacks. In addition, book author Nancy DiTomaso has gathered evidence about gays actively encouraging rejection of new black employees and encouraging black discrimination in their labor markets. The way that gay whites stockpile and allot nepotistic advantage for jobs within their exclusive white groups of family and friends is considered institutional racism.

Additional research documented that without any negative personal experience, white women and gay men administrators stereotype black men as aggressive and threatening, according to the book, Documenting Discrimination. The book cites examples where gay administrators in human resource departments purposely discriminate against black applications for employment. Human resource administrators offered testimonials of how only vain attempts are made to find qualified blacks for empty positions.

Newspapers were never truly commented to writing critical commentaries or political critiques of Jim Crow racism in the 21st century. There are four times as many racial discrimination complaints as there are sexual orientation discrimination complaints registered at the Dane County AA/EEO office. Keeping this a secret allows for the public to falsely believe that 148 years after the Civil War, American had reached racial détente. Don’t believe it, these illusions of grandeur is marketed to segregationists who want to eliminate Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action before it has been effective. It is easy for white reporters to write stories about issues that they encounter by circumstance or happenstance. The growing realities of homosexual discrimination are echoed from friends, relatives and co-workers. Since most newspaper staffs are homogenized, there is no black perspective beyond the old headline formula of black rapists, black murders, and black drug users. Black issues that go beyond negative headlines are seldom researched and rarely written about. So the newspapers narrow ideology of inequality is served up as insightful stories about homosexual discrimination and the war on white women. One Republican senator suggested that because his son is gay, it was easier to invoke compassion about homosexual inequality and easier to ignore the trials and tribulations of a black culture he cared nothing about.  Token interest in black inequality is because most employers do not know blacks as friends, neighbors, or employees. Newspaper publishers have adopted a marketing detraction that separates LGBT and women inequality from black inequality.  It gives them yet another reason for not pursuing research and printing pie-in-the-face stories about housing, employment, health, and education patterns of inequality in this new era of black Jim Crow.

There is a real contradiction between a symbol of the press in a democratically controlled nation and the free market press in a capitalistic society.  Negative portrayal of Blacks in the headlines has always been a marketing ploy to gain subscribers. With the extreme loss of advertising revenue, maybe publishers should stop pretending blacks don’t read newspapers. Perhaps there is an untapped reservoir of truth and justice in black stories that would increase hidden revenue of subscribers.